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Florence Wedding photographer

The real beauty of Tuscany goes beyond postcards. For this reason, during the last 30 years, I have been looking for the most fascinating places to take photos. However, there is still something new that surprise me in every smile and every couple I meet. Therefore, I shoot. In order for me to tell the beauty of your wedding neither complicated laying nor powerful computers are necessary. Everything is already there, it is all about knowing how to look.

During these years I understood that my role is that of witness, a sort of journalist who, through pictures has to tell the other people what that day meant to you. I like noticing and catching your displays of affection: a complicity glance, a quivering hand, etc. All these demonstrations are genuine and go through different cultures, languages and all the people I met during these years.

Your wedding day in Italy is special not only for you, but also for your parents, relatives, and friends. And it is important for me too, because every time I feel like I share something important with you. Through my pictures you will have the possibility to think back to your wedding day and all the emotions you felt.

I started to shoot when I was a child because I thought that letting the moments evaporate was a waste. And I have not stopped yet.

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